santorini, greece

santorini, greece

Where We Stayed

We had both been to Santorini before, but not together. Jeff went while he was studying abroad in Germany, and I went during one of my college breaks with my family. We are so glad we decided to come back here because it truly is one of the most visually stunning places in the world. The views are just mesmerizing. We stayed at a cave house in Oia and an apartment in Imerovigli, both through Airbnb. Oia is almost like the Beverly Hills of Santorini. It has all the shops and restaurants your heart desires, but the prices are comparable if not more than SF and NYC. You’ll want to buy all the hats + sandals, but if you want to save I would go to Fira for a slightly better deal. If you are looking for the most stunning views of the island, Imerovigli is your place. It doesn’t have as many options for food and shops as Oia and Fira, but since it is the highest point of Santorini and in the middle, you get a full panoramic view. When booking places to stay, make sure they say Caldera view.

What We Did

We did a lot of exploring and a lot of eating. The point farthest north of Oia leads to some great fish restaurants right on the water and some great cliff jumping. There is also a point in the middle of Oia (near the Adronis Boutique Hotel) that leads down to the water where you can lay out and relax after a good swim. Red Beach is a crazy sight to see, but the beach is small and not very clean. Perissa is beautiful as well but our favorite was Kamari. Kamari and Perissa both have the black sand and rows and rows of umbrella beds (which you have to pay for), but Kamari was much cleaner and offered more water.

Where We Ate

One thing we found out really quick was NOT to eat at any restaurant on the main drag of any town. The best and most delicious spots are always off the beaten path. Santorini is small so there are few unbeaten paths but you know what I’m saying. In Oia, PitaGyro offered the BEST gyros in all of Greece. If you are looking for a nice date night, Fino is your number once choice. We had the lobster risotto, salmon, and dessert and still dream of it now.