Ojai, CA

Oh, Hi / Ojai, CA / The Valley of the Moon

We were making our way from LA to SF when we stopped in Ojai along and I just wish we had more time. I can't wait to spend more days in this gorgeous town. I love that Ojai is known as the valley of the moon. It truly is a magical place with some of the friendliest people, gorgeous boutiques, creative spaces and ridiculously yummy eats.

Our first stop was In the Field  which is basically my spirit animal in a store. The home decor, the clothing, the hats and even surfboards.. everything is curated to the [T]. I had to contain myself from not buying everything I laid my eyes on. One of my favorite purchases was the hat I'm wearing in the photos (and just bout everyday) which is handmade in Guatemala (hey oh!). 

We ate at Hip Vegan and around the corner was Caravan Outpost. You can book airstreams over night and shop the massive store which is filled with leather, hats, indigo and yummy scents. 

Another spot to lay your head is Ojai Rancho Inn which houses Chief's Peak bar + pool. 

Bart's Books: outdoor bookstore 

Summer Camp Shop + Boutique 

Basically, I can't wait to spend more time here.

Check out my recs below!


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