Tayrona, Colombia

Tayrona, Colombia

Taganga + Tayrona was our first stop on our trip through Colombia. We flew from the States to Cartagena, grabbed a taxi to the Berlinastur station in Marbella and grabbed a bus to Santa Marta (4 hours / 40,000 COP). The bus was AC'ed and had wifi! It's 2 hours from Cartagena to Baranquilla and then another 2 hours to Santa Marta. If we could do it again we would fly straight to Baranquilla to save us those 2 hours from Cartagena to Baranquilla. From there we grabbed a taxi to Taganga and stayed this magical treehouse style Airbnb. It came with a pool on the first floor, beds on the second, rooftop on the third and open windows all around. 

Taganga is a small fishing town with easy boat access to Tayrona. We took one of the gnarliest boat rides of our life (90,000 COP) to Cabo San Juan beach (the beach pictured with the hut on the hill). The hut is filled with hammocks that you can rent for the night or two or five. It was worth the near death experience because the beach is absolutely stunning. I miss this magical place. 

Taganga also began our streak of never having one bad meal in Colombia. Our favorite here was a ' deriva which is owned by a french couple living in Taganga. All the food is made by them and is sustainably sourced. Every little bite + the atmosphere was practically perfect. 

Take a look at my Airbnb wishlist for places in and around Taganga. 


+ cafe bonsai (great for breakfast)

+ a ' deriva (our favorite for dinner)

+ baba ganoush (treehouse vibes and grat dinner)


+ cabo san juan

+ playa cristal

+ taganga beach