Jeff + I spent a few days in Oklahoma to start off our Christmas break and it was wonderful. Jeff grew up outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma where the weather is usually in the teens over winter. Not something I'm used to but it means snow! 

We visited the Magnolia Farms of Oklahoma at The Pioneer Women's flagship store, the Mercantile. This place has a restaurant with a line out the door (which in below freezing weather, means people are dedicated and the food is great). It also has a bakery upstairs with a candy bar and a general store with just about every trinket you could imagine for your home. It's in a historic building in the middle of Pawhuska and I loved it!! Just a 20 minute drive out and you're in the Tall Grass Prairie Reserve which is covered with Buffalo (or is it Bison!? Still confused on that one). I'm pretty sure I fell in love with Buffalo. They are the raddest.